Design cohort based learning journeys

Learningweaver powers blended, gamified, and cohort-based learning journeys for more than 6000 learners in 25+ organizations.

A powerful learning journey designer

When it comes to learning, journeys trump events! No matter how engaging individual learning events are, when they are spaced, sequenced, and organized over time, they are more impactful and lead to better outcomes.


LearningWeaver is a cloud-based application that makes the tedious task of designing, deploying, and managing blended and gamified learning journeys easy.
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Design Journeys

Divide your learning journey into milestones that unlock based on your criteria.


Create Blended Plans

Bring together videos, podcasts, embeds, assignments, and challenges.


Manage Cohorts

Create and manage cohorts and groups. Assign journeys to cohorts.


Gamify It

Create a point system to score learners and generate a leaderboard.


Design Adaptive Paths

Personalize the journey by assigning milestones and activities to specific groups.


Create Reminders

Set custom reminders to ensure your learners don't miss any critical activities and events.


Author Spaced Learning

Design and send automatic content refreshers at frequent intervals.


Add Graded Assessments

Add graded assignments to your learning plan and follow a simple workflow to evaluate.


Add Certification

Add downloadable certificates to your learning journeys


Access In Depth Analytics

Keep track of learner progress and dive deeper with the reporting dashboard.


Create Retrieval Practice

Strengthen learning and improve retention by adding short quizzes and exercises.


Add Community Features

Add discussion boards, chat, and galleries to build learning communities.

Case Studies

See how Learningweaver is powering learning journeys in 25+ organizations.