Custom Blended Learning Journeys at Uno Minda

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In March 2021, Uno Minda conducted an online assessment centre with over 90 high potential talent in supervisory and first-time manager roles. 

Blended learning journey plan

The idea was to provide a comprehensive and systematic developmental journey to build critical competency areas that were identified through the assessment centre.

90 participants had to be divided into 4 different learning tracks based on the results of the assessment centre.

The LearningWeaver platform was leveraged to design, deliver, and administer the 4 learning tracks. Each track was divided into 4 milestones. Each milestone had a custom blended learning plan with a mix of instructional modalities – games, simulations, live workshops, and action plans.

The program also leveraged the platforms gamification component through a point and leaderboard system. This enhanced the engagement of learners throughout the 12-month long learning journey.

Success metrics

The program received an overall engagement score of 94%. 78 participants graduated out of the program. The program also delivered an overall 81% proficiency score.

About Uno Minda

Making its mark in the International Grid of Automobile Components manufacturing, UNO MINDA steers ahead as a leading Tier 1 supplier of Proprietary Automotive Solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
Incepted way back in 1958 with a meagre start-up capital and now notching up a group turnover beyond US$ 1 Billion, speaks volumes of the conglomerate that it is today.

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